Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Showers


                                                      April Showers
          At 3:00 am with open windows,
          Stars hid in skies dark as river bottom mud.
          Outside newly emerged tree leaves soughed;
          Small limbs grabbed and tussled with  light wind.
          I smelled the moist scent of damp soil
          Before I heard the drops strafing the earth.
          Another day was coming on;
          It’d be April showers—again.

The last week has been rain and technology woes. Day after day the gray skies bore down like baskets heavy with sodden gray wool while technology things broke down, refused to work. The television quit, and the replacement could launch missiles from its command center. I have talked with eight ATT tech support people in the last week. I have talked face to face with three ATT employees. Suffice it to say, that at this point in time a new TV, our computers, a reprogramed wireless printer, my Kindle (the first breakdown point), and one of our three phones are working and Uverse is installed. I can’t face realigning the laptop nor dealing with the two unworking phones yet.

This morning it was warm and dry enough after showers for Biscuit and me to head out for deck tea. It hinted at sun, but the longer we were out there, the grayer it got. Knowing heavy storms were still in the forecast we soaked up what outside we could get. About noon, the sun came out and the sky was glorious. DH, Biscuit, and I jumped in the truck to go to Lowes for dirt and ferns and some plants that shouted hope for drier days ahead. Apparently others felt the same way.

Lowe’s had so many people in the garden shop it looked like a mosquito convention at the local swamp. Everyone was pushing loaded baskets. It was spring fever and it was catching! I put way more in my basket than I had planned. I had vowed that THIS year no plants or anything unpacked until the deck was sealed first. But as rainy weeks led into more rainy weeks I began to wear down.  I remembered the old grade school bulletin boards that shouted “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, but I was tired of waiting. So we loaded up and paid.

Then while unloading the shopping basket into the truck, the sky darkened. In the west, roiling clouds moved in. Scary looking, people began to scatter. Then the rain came down. We drove our goodies home and parked them in the garage for tonight. So hoping the weatherman is right about tomorrow—two days ahead of sunshine and NO rain before it returns on Wednesday. I am thankful no tornados, no damaging hail, no killer floods, and the stack of books waiting for rainy days, and I’m even thankful for the rain too…just ready to have some sunshine. 


Elephant's Child said...

So pleased to hear that someone else succumbs to plant lust. Despite promises and good intention.
We have grey here, and some (very welcome) water falling from the sky as well.
I hope you get your sunshine and that the technology demons leave you in peace.

Patricia A. Laster said...

I love Elephant Child's phrase "plant lust." I have it, too, but am forced to wait for at least 2 weeks since I won't be able to work them in and up. Where I am presently-- at 1200 feet--we received only a dab of rain, but at one point, the trees outside held their breath waiting for whatever was coming. Good luck with technology; good can also be bad, huh? xoxo

Sioux said...

Claudia--It sounds like you and Biscuit are going to thoroughly enjoy Spring... and I'm glad of that.

Anonymous said...

Technology problems and rain..what a combo. hang in there, the sun will shine.

Merlesworld said...

The heavens have opened here, Sydney has had heavy rain for two days, it can stop now.

Susan said...

Lots of rain in Massachusetts, too, Bookie. Good for ducks and flowers. Susan p.s. Thanks for your sweet visits. Love them.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Ah, the annual trek to Lowe's! We've learned not to do that until well after the 15th of April, because there always seems to be that one, last, unexpected overnight freeze. But it is time now, and I'm ready to buzz to the swamp. :)