Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It Is a November Day

November is certainly here. A hard freeze moved in mums for the night on Friday, but all else froze. Leaves fell freely in the weekend winds. We wrapped up the deck for winter all but a few pieces. We sat the mums back out, crowding them around the door so I could see them constantly for whatever time they have left. The rain began in the night—the slow easy rain of late autumn.

It was a November rain we drove to Joplin in this morning. Going for an eye appointment, we never even turned on the radio. The wipers were our music, tap-tap-taping out the rhythm of a “winter coming” song. The skies were heavy and dismal, as gray as river rock. It wasn’t too hard to imagine that soon such a rain would be freezing or turning to white flakes.

The time change makes everything darker too. Poor Biscuit, she comes to me at 4:00 today and jumps into my lap. Her eyes plead. They say she does not care WHAT the clock says, her tummy says it is 5 p.m. and her dinnertime!

Inside we begin to take down pieces on walls and tables to ready for an overhaul of ceilings and walls. Gradually the inside of the house is looking less autumn comfy and more winter desolate. The bankroll is lessened too. The eye appointment went well this morning if one considers being $1000 lighter in the wallet as a good thing, but having healthy eyes is good news after problems for a while.

We stopped at Sam’s before coming home. Mercy, was that place packed! Was it that everyone could not do anything else in the rain so they went to buy food? I will say there was a certain friendliness in people as many stopped to comment on voting, my bracelets, or to ask where the dried fruit aisle was. There was a certain comradery in folks, maybe a common dread of winter perhaps?

But with cooler air and darker days, a good thing appears—soup pots! We had Panera Kale a few nights ago…then Beefy Onion with croutons on top…a spinach bean soup is in the freezer waiting…and all afternoon a chicken has cooked with celery, onions garlic, and tarragon. It will become chicken noodle for tonight.

Yes, it is really looking like November around here!


Elephant's Child said...

Soup is such a treat. Soup and croutons? Luxury.
Hunker down and enjoy your winter - our summer is coming way too fast for me.

Linda O'Connell said...

I enjoyed your last two posts. Waking now earlier and earlier to greet a gloomy day makes me want to eat everything in sight. Sounds like you and hubby both have winter projects. We have been moving my daughter. Oh the old muscles ache.

Susan said...

Lovely post, Bookie. Lovely images. I know what you mean about the darkness. Not spirit-lifting.

But today I went to Goodwill and then to the library booksale...both delightful events! Also swam at the community center so that was wonderful, too.

Love Panera's cheese and broccoli soup the best....and Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscano. Yummy. Susan p.s. Thanks for your visits, dear Bookie.

Marylin WArner said...

Your Biscuit and our Maggie are both adjusting to the time change, Claudia. So far, it's actually be an encouragement to me, though. I'm getting up earlier, grimly aware that it will be suddenly darker in the afternoon, and as soon as the sun goes down, I want to huddle inside and turn on all the lights.
Today we cut back all the flowering bushes and plants and prepared things for winter. I miss our deck, the perfect place to have morning coffee and plan my day, but now it's too cold.