Friday, October 3, 2014

The West, Taos High Road and Los Alamos

On the High Road we looked for Anasazi beans but found only pintos and some heirloom ones called Bolitos. Once back on the Low Road, we headed for Los Alamos. We had always opted to avoid this side trip because other things were on our Must See List. This time, I had read Wives of Los Alamos and wanted to see the compound where the atomic bombs Fat Man and Little Boy were developed. The museum there was nice but too full of technology. DH loved it and wished he had more time. For both of us the 15 mile drive out was worth it due to scenery. The views were phenomenal and probably my favorites of the day.

Then it was Santa Fe and the Sage Inn, a rest, and then out to supper at the Cowgirl where locals and tourists both congregate.  The food is wonderful and there is music. You can sit inside or outside in a patio build around a tree strung with tiny white lights to listen to the music. We opted to be outside even though it did get cool. A man and a woman were sitting with a drink at our reserved table and the waitress was going to make them move. I said they could stay and once again at the Cowgirl we met some very original people! Veronica said she was a master permanent makeup artist, sort of like tattoos? She lived in a very nice area of Santa Fe with many famous people, and she said she was having coffee with Ali McGraw in two days.

Gray or Ray, never quite sure, said he was a scholar…that he wrote about Western Religions and set up social media sites for people. He was a very different fellow. (He is standing in front of the glass and has his hands in his pockets.) They advised us on what to eat. I got a smoky chicken short stack which was blue corn tortillas and beans. It was so hot! I ate the chicken and beans and some of the tortillas, but had to stop due to the heat. Gray asked if he could take the rest home with him. Ah, okay…so the waitress brought him a box and he scraped my leftovers into it with my fork.

Then they both suggested an ice cream potato for dessert. DH and I shared one, and alas, we took no picture. It looked exactly like a huge backed potato….vanilla ice cream in a football shape…rolled in powered chocolate, split in top with a square of butter (white chocolate) and a mound of sour cream (whipping cream). It was a fun desert!

The next morning we headed for the square early so we could get a parking place. Got a good one right across from the cathedral. We meandered through the shops and stores…studied jewelry sold by Indians under the portal of Palace of Governors. Everything is SO expensive here but fun to mosey around and look. We sat in the square on benches…watched pigeons…absorbed New Mexico air.

For lunch we went to The Shed, a home-owned place for 60 years or more. I got help I choosing my food and heat here. It was all wonderful! You could sit outside but we opted for inside rather than wait a half hour. I got a cup of posole with my meal and it was best I have ever tasted. I am definitely going to try to make this! The waitress said when she was sick as a child, this is what made her feel better…a version of our chicken soup! DH and I also shared a cup of Chilled raspberry
 soup…different and good.

                                                Orchids in window at The Shed   

Then we took our little bags and tired feet to the motel room and were in for the evening as we were quite tired.


Elephant's Child said...

I am loving travelling with you. Thank you.

Susan said...

Oh Claudia. Your post brought back some memories and also showed me new discoveries! Never heard of the ice cream potato dessert. How original!

I think we ate at that first restaurant....I remember an outside patio with strings of white lights! It was lovely and there were musicians there the night we were there, too!

Mmmmm Raspberry soup. How I would love that! I LOVE raspberries.

Okay, well, thanks so much for sharing. On to day four! Susan