Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumn Splendor

Autumn in the Ozarks can be marked by a frothy fog that lingers early morning in furrows of plowed fields, near creek beds, above valleys that rest among hills and bald knobs. The temps have been chilly, but the sun brings delightful temperatures as it rises. One starts the day with a jacket, eases into a sweatshirt, and finally peels down to shirtsleeves for bright and temperate afternoons.

These last months we have missed favorite pastimes and crowd in all we can now at the end of the year. Yesterday we arose early, packed a lunch, loaded Miss Biscuit among fishing poles and headed for Roaring River. Unfortunately, it was her first ride on Ozark curves and twists making her lose her breakfast as we coast down the big hill into the park.

The day was cloudy in the beginning but soon the fog and chill burned off. People were few and all were older, slower paced folks casting lines across the roiling stream or lingering over warm campfires. The trees were beautiful to say the least. Not the vibrant reds of some areas but muted shades of orange and yellow. 

Biscuit and I walked some. I had books and paper, as always, but found myself unable to concentrate on distant locations and varied stories when I sat in front of such calming splendor. Mother Nature had her own story to tell using color to spin magnificence. I did not want to take my eyes away for fear of missing a single minute of pulsating transformations among the trees. 


Lisa Claro said...

So beautiful, Claudia! We don't see autumn trees like that unless we head an hour north to the mountains. We do get some color here in town, but nothing like what you've shared.

Linda O'Connell said...

"Used color to spin magnificence." What a great line. The great outdoors calls to me, too.

Lynn said...

I'm so behind... I will have to re-read all your previous posts more thoroughly. Loved your autumn pictures at your home... beautiful mums you have! You've been doing a lot of writing lately (via posts anyway!) Enjoy the weather before it turns too cold.

Susan said...

Sounds like a super afternoon, Claudia. Yes, indeed, autumn is a splendid season for sure. Susan