Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Short and Troubled Road Trip

                                 Beauty of Kentucky while rain was stopped!

The Ruby Slipper has not been much of a recreational vehicle the last seven months. Instead she has been a real work horse and with more loads to come. Soon we will move my sister and help her start a new life.

What should have been a pleasure trip last week to see our kids turned into a real trial. Sickness, heavy rain, wrong turns, wrecks on the interstate slowing traffic to a standstill in the wet, lost clear down into a corn field when a bridge was out, no phone service, and a lot of other bits and pieces turned the trip into a challenge. But there were at least three small areas out of the five days that will be worth keeping in the memory bag.
           1. We saw the Ernie Pyle home and museum in Dana, Indiana. We had spotted it last fall when we went to Kentucky, but then it was closed. So this trip we went that way again and made sure it was a Friday when we got there. Great stuff to be shared at a later date.

2                                                   Ernie Pyle home in Dana, Indiana
            2.  We saw our grandbabies who are now 3 and 5, who have grown a bunch since last October! On Saturday we went to a petting zoo and on a picnic. PawPa built with Legos; Grammie taught about eggs and cheese!





      3.  On the way home, we pulled off the interstate and drove right up to The Hill in St. Louis. Here sits a lovely old Italian community. GPS helped us find a favorite Italian grocery store. We limited ourselves to one stop as we needed to move on another four hours to home. But I loaded up on frozen handmade raviolis of various kinds and some spinach cannoli too. Our whole backend of the Ruby Slipper was Italian. 

      Although it was early, we drove by Rigazzi’s, an Italian eatery we had never been to before and saw it was already open for lunch. What luck and we stopped. We learned Al Capone was arrested while eating here in the wooly days of gangsters. 

      Wonderful food here!!!  We had toasted raviolis and then manicotti and chicken with risotto, along with powerhouse garlic bread. 


Sioux said...

Zia's is one of my favorite restaurants on The Hill. Missouri Baking Company is a great Italian bakery there, too. (Their "croconti" cookies--I think I've spelled them correctly--are my favorites, and you can't find them in regular bakeries.)

I ADORE the markets on The Hill. The smells are divine. I am so glad you had a great trip seeing the Grands and bringing some goodies home.

Elephant's Child said...

Love that you found/created some memories to hug to yourself in the middle of the chaos.

Rebecca said...

What adventure (and MISadventure). And the food sounds fabulous!

Patricia A. Laster said...

You are a dedicated optimist--as well as Grammie and sister. And all the other things you mentioned--teacher, wife, gourmet, historian, etc. I love reading your stuff. The Ruby Slipper RV--what a great name. It always brings/takes you back home, right?

Donna Volkenannt said...

Love your photos. Your grandsons are adorable. Sorry you had problems on your trip.

Isn't Rigazzi's where they have the fishbowl of beer? Not that I've imbibed, but I've heard stories.

Grandma Swift said...

A week to remember for sure! Accentuate the positive!

Jenny said...

That home is amazing!

Your Grandlittles are totally adorable!

I like that you look for the silver lining!

Susan said...

Oh Claudia, at least you got to spend precious time with the grandkids. That must have made all the negatives of the trip pale a bit. Thanks for sharing. Susan