Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Kentucky

Driving through Kentucky this time of year is beautiful. The trees were just beginning to turn. By the time we headed home, Indiana was the state that held the most vibrant trees though! Kentucky seems to go all out for holiday decorations. I noticed years ago the same group decorating as we drove across Canada. Something binding about seeing folks decorate their yards for seasons or holidays. I am not crazy about Draculas or dead faces, but I love autumn colors and festive arrangements. I saw lots. Kentucky folks decorate their barns year round as well. Note the hex sign; we saw so many.

In one small town, we saw decorating that was so amazing we got out and studied the people's yard! The home was old but so tastefully done. These figures were amazing! There were blue bottle trees on the porch. Pumpkins were scattered in the flower garden. Quite a sight!
In another small town, we saw scarecrows tied to each lamp post. A great idea we thought...each were different.
What fun driving through the countryside was this day!


Tracy said...

I'm enjoying your trip very much.

Linda O'Connell said...

Thanks for the pictures. I love drives like this in small towns.

Ames said...

Our visit to Kentucky was just stunning and amazing! Hey are those topiaries real or just formed to look like beings?