Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kentucky Bound

The torrid heat blistered; health issues stabbed a dent in plans; drought dried out both body and soul, not to mention the lawn and fields; the summer evaporated. Since we had not seen our grands in nearly a year, we hit the road and tried to linger on the way. It was a blue highways drive as we took side roads through the American countryside when we could. We were head to Kentucky, land of pillared porches, bourbon, and race horses.

We left home for blood work in Springfield and then dropped down to highway 60. We were on our way. The boot heel was beautiful this time of year as the cotton fields, some harvested and some waiting their turn for harvest, pieced together browns and whites like a crop quilt. Some fields stretched to the horizon like a field covered with a light snow. Beautiful.
The first planned stopped was the Wycliff Mounds right across the Missouri border where two skinny bridges resting like a heel to toe set of socks span the Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers. We had crossed there five times in 30 years, and time was never right to stop. This was the time…but when we pulled up at the gates, they were now closed on Tuesdays! What luck!


On we went towards Paducah, winding through bergs.

Soon we found a neat little antique store called Sisters and Friends in LaCenter, KY. Charming! We spent some time wandering the booths, all displayed with an artistic flair as opposed to an inside garage sale. We found goodies. DH spotted Blue Willow and though we agreed to tote no more home—one platter joined the trip. Also here, the owner and I had real fun when I told her about seeing dollies topping pumpkins. We ran awround gathering dollies and some crocheted collars trying them on pumpkins. She skipped outside and brought in one of her display pumpkins to dress as well. Fun!



Susan said...

Ohhhhhh, Bookie. So happy you are going to see your grands. Have a wonderful time! Cute idea to put doilies around the pumpkins! Take care and have FUN! Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

Love road trips. Hope you have a wonderful time and so much fun
with your grandkids. Sounds like you've already found a treasure. That doily on a pumpkin could catch on. It's cute.