Friday, January 13, 2012

A Writers' Guild Meeting and Blogger Boo Hoo

Last night the local writers’ guild had their first meeting of 2012. It seemed like the weather problems of the previous year might follow us when the air was so frosty and the day had started with a touch of ice and a film of snow. However, many writers made the effort to get out, and even a few guests appeared.

Member Summer Farnsworth gave a great lesson on making characters more vivid, on how to show traits that identified them as protagonist or antagonists. She taught us that when we have a bad character or one of lower status, to have him slow down his speech and actions. This shows him having power and self-resistant, making him a more intense character. Summer also urged us to go the mall and do some people watching, saying that our social skills need to be sharp from both watching people and interacting with them.

We learned a member is dealing with Dayspring for some verse, a member is working on a dissertation about how coroners and death examiners dealt with the Joplin Tornado, that member Larry Wood has a new book out on Teddy Roosevelt, and a guest from Bentonville also has a new book on the market, a memoir about being a victim of parental abuse titled Don’t Cry, Daddy’s Here.

After some critiquing, Orville Jordan winning the door prize of a writer’s mug with tea, and all present being infused with writing zest, we all headed out for a cold trip home to our computers!
I want to welcome Joy Keeney and Betty Jo for becoming new followers!!!! I hope you aren't having too much trouble reading the blog!

Blogger is driving a lot of people nuts today. While not all blogs are affected, many blogs can not be opened by their readers. Others can be opened, only to lock up and have the comments jammed. I can't even get to my own blog's comments, so I am guessing readers can't leave them either. I am going to try to post this wee bit today and see what happens.

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Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, it's working this evening but I couldn't respond early this morning.

Betty Jo said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Claudia at the writer's guild. Great tips about the characters too. I've been having a problem with Blogger for months concerning managing the list of blogs I've joined. I determined to get to the bottom of it today. It only took me nearly three hours, but I found a work-around and now I can get in again and manage from my Dashboard. Blogger can be a pain sometimes, but every time I think I'm going elsewhere I run into even worse problems or expense. Thanks for mentioning me as a new follower . . . I'm glad I've met you!

Rebecca said...

People have emailed me to tell me they can't comment on my blog....but others seem to have no problem. Wonder WHAT'S going on? (I've not had problems commenting at all....)

What great tips you got at your meeting, Claudia. Thanks for passing them on.