Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Centus/Turtle Boy

January is almost over and has remained amazingly mild in this area. In fact, we need snow because we need moisture. While others celebrate the Florida-like temps, I am leery of what this strange weather pattern means for spring and summer. We humans are living in a shift of things, be it global warming or whatever.

Finally a chance to do Centus though this morning. Jenny gave us the prompt of "We know where the bodies are buried". There probably will be a lot of mystery and murder stories. My own is a little weird, even for me. For Centus rules and more 100 word stories using the prompt visit Jenny at:

Have a good weekend, readers!

                                                              Turtle Boy
Ivan recognized the shoulder insignia because he visited the Conversation Center often, but he paled when he saw a crew with shovels head to the backyard.
“We know where all the bodies are buried,” said Agent Hoff. “We need to dig them up for lab work.”

A technician was readying a syringe. “We need some of your blood too.”

His mother was rolling up his flannel shirt sleeve.
A turtle had followed him home from school. Then more came and several died. Ivan buried them, but still they came. When traffic stopped for a parade of turtles to his house, the media showed up. Now, the investigation….


anitamombanita said...

Oh, interesting. Nice spin on the prompt!!

Sue said...

Original and creative take on the prompt.

Well done!


Nonna Beach said...

Wow, he might be innocent or guilty of protected turtle - cide, only the lab tests will tell the tale...chillingly excellent !!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

lol. I like the suspense of this tho. Will they be pod people? who knows. bwaa-ha-ha.

Karen S. said...

Oh this is a nice way to turn the tables...and the turtles make it a must to hear more!

Judie said...

LOL! Humorously bizzare and disturbing. You know I'll be back!!! said...

Very intriguing. I love the turtle factor and squirmed at the mention of a syringe.

Martha said...

This has been a weird winter -- no snow and not much moisture and the mild temps -- I've got pansies blooming! Got my fingers crossed that Feb and Mar will be as good!

Gail said...

Very unique action to this prompt...good.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Oh no, not the turtles! :)

Jo said...

oh the poor turtles .... not the turtles!!!! This was strange, yet funny ... great take on the prompt!

Tgoette said...

A very weird yet riveting tale! Loved this! An unexpected spin with this prompt. Very well done!

Ames said...

Weird to say the least. Care to expound? Just what kind of being was Ivan? And what's a Conversation Center?? I feel like I fell down a rabbit hole.~Ames

Lisa Taylor said...

Oh I wanna hear more of this! My kind of tale...:-)

Jenny said...

Wow. I love this. What a neat twisted around little gem of a story.

I just saw this statue on Antiques Roadshow called the 'Turtle Baby' and I was thinking about it as your story opened.

I am really, really enchanted with the direction you took this.

Anonymous said...

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