Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Follower and Flame of Leaves


A big howdy to new follower Floyd of It Ain't the Gold blog.
Sitting in Ohio, Floyd happens to love old cemetaries and does great pictures there. Check him out  at

After a blistering summer without much rain, our trees this autumn have been disappointing. There was just a tad of color here and there for our Maple Leaf Parade. Most of the colors we saw were muted and drab. We went to old favorite spots and the trees just weren't up to par.

But in the last week, we have had a 50 degree temperature swing! After a freeze for a couple of nights, it is now hitting the 80 degree mark again. The skies don't have a single cloud today. Yesterday we noticed that some of the favorite trees had a deepened color. Today these same trees are acdtually flamboyant! I grabbed the camera and snapped a few because I know these days won't last. Why do these days feel shorter than those 110 degree days of this summer?

But a strong wind is forecast for tomorrow so the trees will have another turn again as they will surely lose leaves. Each day and each change brings us closer to another solstice. I can wait! Now to enjoy such flames and light while I can!


cj Schlottman said...

Gorgeous photos, Bookie! I envy those of you who live where you can enjoy the changing of leaves in fall. Here, most of our trees are evergreens. Glad I can come to this post when I need a color fix!


BECKY said...

Beautiful pictures! Our trees have been really pretty this fall, too...surprisingly! Thanks for sharing!

irishoma said...

Lovely photos, Claudia. I was surprised at the difference I saw in leaf colors in Missouri and Tennessee. In Missouri the leaves are in full color, but in Tennessee they are mostly green with touches of fall.

Susan said...

Spectacular photos, Claudia. That last one, especially, is a winner. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Ames said...

Oh Claudia these are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. I never get to see this kind of splendor in Florida.So glad you were able to get on blogger and leave me a comment!~Ames

Floyd Garrett said...

Hi Claudia. . .should have commented on this long ago! Great photos of my favorite time of year. I appreciate the shoutout about my blog--still lots of pictures daily and updates on a couple of my novels. . .thank you again for mentioning it.

And here in Northeast Ohio, our leaves are still peaking! Usually they are all raked up by now.

I so much enjoy all of your posts. These things are a labor of love. . .