Monday, May 9, 2011

Sites on the Road

Between the chilly, flood-producing rains and life with a two year old for a few days, we actually managed to see a few interesting things last week. Our first history stop was Vincennes, Indiana where William Clark who traveled with Meriwether Lewis up the Mississippi in 1804. George Rogers Clark was instrumental in leading men into what is now Illinois, Indiana and beyond to grab the area during the Revolutionary War. He went against the British with a small force and changed history of this country. I found him interesting enough that I want to read more about the man.

Vincennes was also where President William Henry Harrison had a home Gouseland, while he was a leader in the territorial government of the new territory during the early 1800’s. While he treated the Indians better than some, still he was one who inched their lands away from them. His home was lovely and was built like a fortress as it was prepared so the family could hold up inside during a raid or siege. It was interesting with thick walls, an inside well, and windows built for aiming guns through for defense. The home stands solid even though about 200 years old.

                  Shawnee from the early 1800 period of Indiana history. Would have made a believer out of me!

The next day we made it into Madison which is a city sitting on the Ohio. The Ohio River had been out on the landing but had gone down some, although still very high and covering some benches etc. This town also dates from early 1800’s with gorgeous old homes and buildings of Federal architecture. A man told me that the town was used extensively for movie making during the 1940’s. Here we wandered around the town, visited some flea markets, viewed the J Sullivan house. It was also full of interesting history. We had hoped to visit a saddle shop that had once built saddles and leather things of the period, but it was closed.

How about a bath in this metal tub on a cold winter's night?

Isn't this a charming restored home near the riverfront in Madison?

Coming home from Kentucky, we stopped in Lebanon, Illinois. We have stopped there four times now, and the stop last summer was so disappointing I did not want to bother pulling off the interstate. However, the little berg (known for housing Charles Dickens on his Midwestern travels) was alive and jumping with a Home and Garden Day. The main street was closed with vendors for crafts, food, and plants. The antique stores were open with sales. It was a fun atmosphere. We ate in a corner café that was outstanding! I had the special which was rouladen, cooked red cabbage, and spaetzles. Ice tea was wonderful and we sprang for pie afterwards. I should have taken a picture of the pie. It was the most beautiful and most tasty cream pie we have ever eaten!

My most exciting find for the ay was a new bulk tea store. They had samples out front which were beautiful to see, fragrant beyond belief, and tasty too. I bought the Spring Awakening which is a green tea with blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, figs and peony petals! But even better was the Mango Mahalo, an herbal with pineapple, mango, orange slices, tangerine pieces, safflower, marigold blossoms, and strawberry slices…it smelled up the truck all the way home. We made a pot late the night we arrived home. Can not tell you how wonderful it was; I wish I could give you each a cup!

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The photos are great. Sounds like you had an enjoyable and educational trip.