Monday, May 16, 2011

Gorilla Love Plus Writing Ops

During the 1950’s my dad headed us all towards St. Louis for a family vacation. This was an excursion in those days. The St. Louis Zoo was a chief attraction, but I remember none of it except the gorilla that I fell in love with there. My mother thought he was a nasty creature as he lured folks to the bars and then urinated on them! I thought it was hilarious; I have been a gorilla fan ever since. I was lucky enough to go to a college where the team mascot was Gus the Gorilla, and he was as enchanting as the real thing.

Last week when the two year old’s preschool went to the Cincinnati Zoo, we went along. Ah, zoo was a good descriptive word for the trip as the attention span of a two year old is nearly as long as a mosquito’s bite. My son asked me if there was any one thing I REALLY wanted to see, and of course, it was the ape section. I met Jo Jo there and found him fascinating. Look at this gorilla’s face and telling me is not THINKING. Even the signs said to stay alert as sometimes the gorilla’s tended to throw things. Well, why not? The real apes were on the other side hooting, scratching and mocking these creatures.

I know I posted pictures last week of the zoo trip and the historic sites we saw during our trip, but I just have to post this guy again. Isn’t he handsome? Is this gorilla love?

2011 Thomas A. Wilhelmus

Editor’s Fiction Chapbook Prize
RopeWalk Press will award a prize of $1000 and 25 complimentary copies
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Complete Guidelines:
• Postmark deadline: June 15, 2011.
• Page limit: 45 manuscript pages (double-spaced) per each
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story, multiple short stories, novellas, or stand-alone novel excerpts.
• Entry fee: $20 ($5 for each additional manuscript
submitted). This fee is non-refundable. Make check or money order
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• Manuscript specifics: Author’s name, address, email, and
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number on all subsequent pages. If the manuscript includes more than
one short story, include a table of contents. Include an
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applicable. Your manuscript must be available for exclusive
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• All submissions will be considered for publication. All
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writer upon publication.
• Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but if the
manuscript is published/accepted by another press while under
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withdraw the entry.
• All manuscripts will be recycled.
• Include a #10 SASE for announcement of contest results.
• Results will also be posted on the RWP website by September
15, 2011.
Send all entries to:
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Farmington, NH 03835



Lisa Ricard Claro said...

If you love gorillas, read Sara Gruen's new book "Ape House." She is the author of "Water for Elephants" which I LOVE. "Ape House" is good, too, but Elephants will be my fave for a long time. :)

Susan said...

Gorilla love it is! And why not? I LOVE gorillas, too.They are so darned cute and so intelligent, too, don't you think, Bookie? Loved your photos!Take care and thanks for always visiting my blog and commenting. Love having you! Susan

BECKY said...

Oh, my gosh! Jo Jo is beautiful! And yes, look at the expression on that face! Too funny!! I'm glad you have memories of the St. Louis Zoo! I still love to go there, and it is still one of the best zoos in the country...and still FREE!
Also, thanks for the writing ops!

Linda O'Connell said...

You should come back to the St. Louis Zoo. It is world class and they have a gorilla compound outdoors and so many new improved area. Seriously worth a day trip. So, you had an encounter with Phil the Gorilla too? I guess we all did.