Friday, April 23, 2010

The Bathroom Project Continues

No reading or writing at this house yet! We are still working on THE PROJECT. This was day 19, and we finally have almost all of the outside back together. The morning started in a rant when DH found an electrical problem, and while trying to solve it, he found a problem with the new exhaust fan. He had followed the directions, but the directions produced a fan that was not covered by the fixture! He called the company, but they waffled. The directions were so poorly written, which is what we have found on many items during this project. I think there is a great need out there for good writers to produce clear copy for instructions! The end result was DH had to cut a hole in our new sheetrock ceiling and start again. It repaired nicely but put us a day behind inside while we wait for the mud to dry—again.

The closest I have come to poetry lately is a quote by Rainer Maria Rilke on the cover of the Bas Bleu catalog that arrived today: “Spring has returned. The earth is like a child that knows poems.” The lilac begins to fade; dogwood and redbud are giving way to leaves. Now it is onward to the emerald shade of lush green leaves on trees. Today the wind blew, and the air was full of maple seeds swirling like helicopter blades. A necessary stage of spring, but the seeds are not one of the most pleasant things, as they flutter through doors and make the deck ugly.

Think DH’s shoes will make it through The Project? Yep, I am sure of it. I thought these shoes would fall apart at least two years ago. They are like the Energizer Bunny and keep going and going. I gave up being embarrassed by them long ago. Now I am just amazed they stay on DH’s feet, and I am interested in seeing just how long they will last. Ah, maybe these shoes are the poetry in my life now.

Dirty leather creaks and sewn seams split,

As shoes give way under work and woes.

Knotted strings, stiff with mud and sweat

Can’t keep freedom away from escaping toes!

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