Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Tiny Bit of Sunshine with Melting

After postponing some blood labs for a couple of weeks of snow and ice, we made it to Springfield today. Freezing fog was forecast, but the morning was clear when we started out. The fog had visited and vanished, leaving and the trees, fences, and high lines all flocked in a brilliant white coat. About halfway to our destination, we ran into a serious fog, as dark and smoky as dragon’s breath. We pushed on. At the city’s edge, the sun came out and temps rose to 44 degrees, melting snow and sludge away. DH and I were like these turtles under a warm lamp at Bass Pro. While we had no lamp, gurgling water, or log, we basked in warming sun that steamed in through the windshield for a couple of hours. About the time we headed home, clouds began to gather reminding us of the new front coming for tomorrow.

After labs, we hit Breadsmith, Bass Pro, and looked up the Walnut Street Historic District. We have never driven down this area with any leisure time, and the warm sun made the ride delightful. We meandered around viewing the Victorian homes, some now bed and breakfast places, spas, law offices, and even a restaurant or two. Then it was on to Zio’s for Chicken Piccata followed by a stroll through Barnes and Noble where I looked for new writing markets. There were a jillion magazines it seemed, but few offered much for me. I did notice some new literary magazines and a couple of new poetry ones.

Today I learned about the squabble between Amazon and MacMillan publishers over how to handle sales of their e-books. I enjoy using Amazon and love the story that says the company started in a man’s garage. I like to see the little guy win. While I am no fan of e-books (yet anyway), I don’t like to see the now big guy bully the market of another big guy-as in MacMillan. The people who lose out are the writers and readers in this squabble over who controls the price and the windowing of books. I already think too few people control what the masses read now anyway. I like independent books stores (only a few left in this country!), and I like books with pages that I can hold in my hand (read here close to my heart!). For a better explanation on the issue between publisher and seller go to:

This evening I feel like yesterday’s groundhog. I may have seen my shadow this afternoon, but facing more winter that is coming will be a mite easier with this tiny fix of sunshine today!

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BECKY said...

Hi Claudia! Great post! I, too, do not want any e-books!! I like to hold my books, turn the actual paper pages, inhale the aroma each book possesses, and awwww...heaven!!