Monday, February 8, 2010

A Short Story

The weather forecast was ominous --not music to our ears. So we were glad to dodge snow storms a few hours for dinner and music on Saturday night. It was a full house and every round table was surrounded by folks eager to get out before the next sleet and snowfall. It was called a Sweetheart Supper when a local restaurant and esteemed celebrity Duke Mason joined for an evening of food and songs. The buffet meal was ham and chicken with all the trimmings; Duke and his boys sang love songs, some peppy Elvis and closed with the hymn “How Great Thou Art”.

Although Duke stands less than four feet tall, his musical talent is gigantic. His deep, melodious voice resonates when he starts to sing. His strong suit is singing Elvis songs, and if you close your eyes, you could claim the voice out sings Elvis tunes better than the King himself. Duke jokes and banters with the audience, bordering on silly at times, but his music is for real and worth the ticket.

Duke comes from a singing family and has performed with many major talents in the fields of country, pop, and gospel. He had a long association with the musical productions at Precious Moments Chapel. You can read more about Duke or buy CDs at

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