Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Trash Bag Kite In November

I don’t know how DH and I ever made a marriage. We are so totally opposite! There might be a few things we agreed on, but over all, if I said white, he said black. If I said go, he said stop. I guess the early years were like Camelot’s Lusty Month of May. So yesterday was no exception when he went to build a kite for his class on alternative energy and study of wind turbines.

I expected to see a flat triangular shaped piece made of a paper. But DH had other ideas. He made a box kite and used trash bags for both the body and the tail. It was no beauty, but it was original, this trash bag kite. The wind was too strong during the day because he was afraid the strong winds would destroy the kite before getting it airborne.

So we waited until late afternoon with softer winds, and the first few tries seemed to indicate the kite might not fly. Then with a burst, the box kite caught the current, rose quickly, and reached for the clouds. It was fun to see the trash bag kite glide and dip, dancing against the sky at sunset!

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