Saturday, November 14, 2009

Red Means Doris

With great respect and affection we call Doris by the moniker Giggling Gertie. She laughs often and long and easily; when she laughs, the sound is like a boisterous wind chime, and you can’t help but feel happy around her. Having her own shop was a dream she made happen for herself when Grand Interiors opened eight years ago. Business has grown with each year, and so has Doris’s reputation for producing a quality product. She does curtains, drapes, upholstery and interior design consultations. And her favorite color is red!

Rosy red cheeks are for everyday and season. In the spring it is red geraniums and red wagons. Once falls rusts and red oranges give way to December, it is the season for Christmas reds. Since polka dots are one of the “in” features of d├ęcor right now, Doris capitalized on polka dots in red for Christmas. Choosing to limit her mantle to white and red, she decorated her shop traditionally with flocked greenery but threw in the most delightful red polka dots to spruce up her Christmas wall this year.

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