Sunday, October 11, 2009

Solomon Valley Highway 24 Writing Contest

Writing Deadline is November 1

Oh golly, I am going to miss The Solomon Valley Call for Voices Writing Contest this year. This has been one crazy year, and somehow the deadline of November 1 has crept up on me! I have entered for three or four years now, winning a few categories here and there. Last year I won first place in Adult Fiction category while my Montana sister-in-law won third place in Adult Autobiography. Both pieces can be read on the winner’s page at

I don’t remember how I first learned of this writing contest. Although born and reared in Kansas, I was not sure someone living in Missouri could enter. But yes, the contest was open to anyone who wanted to try. The price was right: free! The Solomon Valley Highway 24 Alliance is using the writing contest to stir up interest in their area of Kansas and hoping for some increased tourism. Times are hard everywhere, and small bergs of Kansas could use a few tourist dollars. I have only been through the area once when I passed through returning from Montana. It is simple and beautiful farmland. I particularly enjoyed Nicodemus, a village where Blacks settled after the Civil War. I was devastated that the small museum was not open the day I passed through and hope to return for a visit some day.

Remember, anyone can enter the contest and there is no fee. There are no cash prizes, but winners will be printed in an upcoming anthology of pieces. Rules and entry forms for the contest can be found at .

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