Friday, October 16, 2009

October 15, I Become a Sexagenarian

Okay, so it is official now: I am old. Hard to believe that I made it to this age and so fast! I have accepted the decades gracefully until now, but I have had a real aversion to this number 60. It was a turning point year for many I know with age. Last month my mother turned 80 and next month my mother-in-law will turn 90. For me, it was a quiet day which is maybe as it should be for my age. J Even the weather seemed subdued as the chilly dampness continued making an autumn day look more like winter.

Cards and phone calls started the day with loving care from friends and family. I chose Mythos, a Greek restaurant for my birthday lunch. It is a lovely place, quiet, cloth covered tables, cheerful Greek music playing in the background. While Greek is not my very favorite food, it is a treat and what I truly wanted for my birthday. I chose a sampler plate with various things like Spanakopita, dolmades (a rice and meat stuffed grape leaf), and olive tapenade among other things. The very best was the first course of soup, lemon chicken with spinach and mushrooms. So yummy! We finished with tiramisu served in a chocolate cup.

Then we drove out to Wildcat Nature Center where it was too wet and chilly for the walk. While the area might be gorgeous in the sunshine, the darkness contributed to a dull looking growing area. However, there some perky flowers handing in there. We talked to the naturalist about a tree leaf we wanted identified, but we stumped them all there. Then to a movie…not much choice. We saw Inglorious Bastards. Not a favorite but entertaining in its own way. A little too violent but it was a Quentin Tarantino film and so we new off the wall is the expected routine for him!

A supper of leftovers from the Greek lunch ended the day quietly and pleasantly.
Tomorrow is the annual Maple Leaf Parade here in town. Temps are to start at 34! Not inviting for me to stand outside. The last truly happy event I shared with my dad was the parade one beautiful autumn day so seeing the celebration roll around always is a little bittersweet for me. The parade and my birthday, two wonderful autumn events and the town decorates for it in lovely ways.

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