Thursday, July 23, 2009

His & Her Day

Yesterday the morning air was like a dawn in the Colorado mountains. Later in the day, the sky was reminiscent of New Mexico skies. The entire day was a His&Her Day, mostly His though. After some lab work, we went to Grizzly’s where DH went in for a drill bit and came out with the bit plus a joiner he has been wanting. Next on the list was a stop at a flea market, a Goodwill Store, Bass Pro and finally a couple of lumber mills to find new sources for reasonably priced wood.

The Her part of the day was we ate at a new tearoom, Beth’s Bakery and Tea Room. It was a delightful place tucked away in a strip mall. It was pristine fresh with a gift shop on the side. The tearoom was in with the bakery so one could view all the luscious pies and cookies, planning dessert while one ate her lunch! The food was good and the tea excellent. However, like a good many tearooms, they served iced tea with no teaspoon. Amazing fault for tea drinkers who like to sweeten their own.

One last stop produced some Market Spice tea to tote home. Two new flavors, one was raspberry and the other was huckleberry. While I am not a fan of raspberry, this one is rather tasty. The huckleberry is a nice change of pace for summer drinking.

Some of DH's wood projects.

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