Friday, July 10, 2009

Toys and Tea Today

I have just found the most delightful new toy! It makes noises, makes me laugh, and is called a “grandson”. Who would know that baby could make you giggle and bring a lump to your throat at the same time. Mason is cutting teeth so he was biting into everything, slobbering, and bearing cheeks red as crab apples. His mother let me feed him supper, and like his daddy used to do, he cleaned up the pureed food like a vacuum cleaner. He seemed to like the chair Grandpa had made for him!

The drive out to Kentucky was a story in itself. DH kept moving the stopping time so that we were on the road until midnight. I drove to St. Louis, and we finally stopped to eat about 7:30 in New Harmony, Indiana. We ate a fast sandwich at the Yellow Tavern where they have brain on the menu! I passed on that delicacy. The waitress said it was common in the area over to northern Kentucky. When I continued to drive across Indiana late at night, a highway patrol stopped me and was angry because he thought I had tried to hit him as he was standing at the roadside. He saw it wasn’t me and hurried on down the road where we saw him later “catching the right guy”. I was so scared and shaking so badly David made me stop driving.

Son told us about a tea room not far from his work. After we had lunch with him and he went back to the office, we stopped at Yesterday’s Café and Tea Room in old Florence. It is lovely place with outdoor patio and little nooks inside to eat in for lunch. The original building was a black smith shop and you could still see the folding doors of the original entrance and the brick walls. We were full, but had a dessert there. It was their specialty, a cinnamon bread pudding, and it was wonderful tasting, a huge serving and made with real sugar too. They gave samples of loose tea to bring home, and I bought some coconut tea and some almond sugar cookie tea to try as well.

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