Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Very Mini Road Trip!

Despite the very mild weather thus far this winter, the days have been very hard for us at this house. My chemo has been so bad while my father-in-law died, his children are being nasty over estate, DH and I had to clean out the assisted living, we wrangle still with insurance over December fender bender, worry about our other family members, and well, I think you get the idea. Then last night I learned my Grand dog has incurable cancer. It seems unfair that my hardworking son faces cancer with both his dog and his mother. For someone who does not like to whine, I sure did a lot, didn’t I?
On Monday I had to do the week after blood cell check. The air was warm, but skies were as gray as a gun barrel. Blood labs were easy and cells were up for change. The office was shorthanded so it took longer, but when we came out, we did not want to come home. We had nowhere to go, nothing to do, did not feel great, but we just did not want to return to thinking of all our problems. So, we drove down I-44 a ways.

West is where we head in our hearts always it seems. We remembered past trips using this strip of highway to head to Santa Fe. We recalled the thrill of this highway in beginning our trips. Of course, this beginning strip of pavement brings back an era of my childhood memories as well. The winter landscape was bleak, but we worked hard at finding something promising. Occasionally we saw the hint of green coming in the winter wheat popping through. Hawks rested on fence poles; cattle lingered in dry pastures, some with calves.
We only drove about 40 miles or so, but that took us to the Glass House! Over 50 years ago, the state of Oklahoma closed in a bridge over their turnpike and made it a place to eat. This was unique an architectural feat for the times. My grandma brought me a post card from her visit and my child’s eye longed to be see it in person. Later a McDonalds and nice gift shop was put in, but the place got a little shabby. Two years ago, it was redone and is now part of a truck plaza. Very clean and neat inside, it is simple but impressive to the child still inside of me. We stopped and ate a wonderful hamburger from the McDonalds while watching raging semi’s roar beneath our feet.
Then we turned around and headed home, but we used secondary roads, moseying along slowly postponing arrival back home. We did stop in Vinita (another childhood memory) to look around a flea market. It turned out to be an amazing place as the owner had tons of Blue Willow with some very old and unique pieces. She came down in price but still I didn’t buy. I told her if I could beat this cancer I would come back and buy a celebratory piece! She also had battled cancer twice.

From there, we had to come home. I was pretty done in and even DH was tiring. It doesn’t take much right now to wear us down. OH, but we had a little escape! For just a short while we could pretend that the world was all okay and that we were fine in it. Alas, when we walked in backdoor the answering machine was beeping, phone ringing, and email dinging. It brought us back from the past real fast.


Linda O'Connell said...

So glad to hear you got to get away for a brief spell. That enclosed bridge, or one like it, captured my attention many years ago when we went to Oklahoma. You are so right, many things appeal to the girl in me and trigger such memories. My dad had rambling fever,and we were forever traveling West. I know how reality can jolt you back, but try to take it easy and reflect ion what makes you happy and less stressed. I predict you will be back for a piece of Blue Willow.

Mevely317 said...

Oh.My.Goodness ... I think my parents and I visited that glass house way 'back when'! I like the way y'all took your troubles to the open road.

Santa Fe? I was raised just north of there (in Los Alamos), and have been pondering a trip 'home' one of these days.

Sioux said...

Claudia--I'm so glad you got away--at least for a short trip. And I agree with Linda. You'll get the chance to go back and get a Blue Willow piece. You're a fighter, Claudia. You're made of strong stock.

Susan said...

Ohhhh, Claudia. At least you had that little escape. You MUST go back to get some of your favorite china! Wish you HAD purchased at least one. I keep praying for you daily, my friend. May the Lord shine His light upon you and your DH. Things HAVE to get better. Hugs. Susan

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You're a traveler, so I'm not surprised you took advantage of the opportunity to gallivant a bit. Happy you got out and about!