Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chemo in the Kitchen!

I learned recently that chemo started with the use of arsenic. That seems appropriate because chemo feels like poison in my body! The new formula that was to be a little easier was the worst ever. Then I found out I got more of a dose than the cancer team had suggested. It took a long time to come out of the cloud and I’m still not there. Too bad, but I return for another hit on Monday. You can bet I will be asking what the numbers are when they start that drip!

Chemo does lots of things, but there a real side effect called chemo brain. It is hard to bear, the not thinking clearly. The feeling of a numb mind is one of the biggest insults. Today DH went to help our son repair damage from last week’s ice that was worse at his house. He wanted me to go too, to get out, but I did not feel well enough. I wanted the comfort of my flannel robe, recliner, my own bathroom, etc. I also wanted the joy of being in my own house alone for a while.

 But I did try to do a few things including frying two pounds of liver and making a batch of fiber muffins. Liver thaws fast, cooks fast, but it is a mess as I get flour all over everywhere. But I am to build up cells when I can and liver is a good hearty blood building food. We like it too. But to give you an idea how my chemo acted just while cooking read below. I got ‘er done but not without some hurdles. The house smells like liver and I can only eat small amounts at a time, but hopefully it will help me next week!

 Cooking Today

Fed husband oatmeal with wonderful fresh blueberries. Sent him to son’s to fix ice damaged fence.

Dress. Then rest an hour with The View. Begin to cook two pounds of liver for extra iron and blood strength to face coming chemo again. Frying liver is fast and easy but so messy leaving flour all over the stove which will have to be cleaned.

Made some fiber muffins. Mixed dry ingredients and then the wet ones. Cracked three eggs and stupidly cracked one into the egg carton instead of the bowl!!!

Reached for raisins, none, but there were some currants. Soaked them.

Stirred all together and put into oven. Turned and saw currants still draining.

Felt so shaky and weak from being up. Forced myself forward. Thought it was time for a rest, maybe even a nap!






Elephant's Child said...

However a house which smelt of liver would have me packing my bags.
Good luck next week. You are in my heart.

Merlesworld said...

Have you tried chicken livers not as strong, I cook them with onion a bit of bacon and soy sauce.

Sioux said...

Claudia--I do crazy things, and I don't have "chemo brain" to blame.

I'm glad you like liver. Better you than me. ;)

Linda O'Connell said...

My friend always ate braunchweiger before donating blood or platelets. It sounds to me that you have accomplished a lot in one day. Just think, you have four whole days before the arsenic. So many friends on chemo have said the brain drain is the worst. Sending you prayers and good wishes.

Susan said...

Oh my dear Claudia. You are a ray of sunshine in the darkness. Your perseverance is more than admirable. It is life-sustaining. As for liver and onions and me, I have two words only: UH UH
I could do a liverwurst sandwich with mayo and lettuce on good quality bread. Would that count? But liver and onions cooked? Gag me with a spoon. ha ha Claudia. I am SO SORRY you are going through this. Prayers will continue day and night. Susan