Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.”
                                                                                 Dr. Seuss

This was one of the worst Christmases I have ever had due to a long illness that is still unnamed or conquered. But the day inside has been better, enough energy to actually work on a short story and to make a blog effort for the first time in days. Despite not having much to say, I want to post before I have lost my moxie for the page.

Outside, the weather is frightful! The whole country seems on tilt with the weather. The days between Christmas and New Year are often cold, snowy, or icy and some areas have that very thing. Others tornadoes! Here now, we have relentless rain and more rain. The dog will barely go out as there is never a break in the pouring and more is to come. Roads everywhere are closed; cattle are being moved from flooding pastures; buildings have raging waters up to their roof lines and rock slides are happening.

Meanwhile, we have not had to go out for any reason. It is safe in our house on high ground, and we sit in chairs wrapped in flannel. In the Christmas story, these are the days the Wise Men made it to the newborn Babe. Today they and their camels both would be swimming to the stable! Like lines from Cat in the Hat, we sit inside sipping a gift of tea, reading gift books, and nibbling on what is left of Christmas cookies.

My writing life was enhanced by friends this year. The typewriter is an ornament, but I can’t bear to put it away in a storage box after the holidays. So I hung it over my desk as a reminder to stay in the space of “Once Upon a Time”, words that are printed on the typewriter roll bar. A new thirsty stone coaster is great for both hot and cold drinks, but it is my friend the buffalo on the front that will keep me company and maybe inspire some new lines.

I hope all readers are warm and safe and happy wherever they are at tonight.


Sioux said...

We're warm and safe and happy... but not dry.

(I'm building a boat because pretty soon, my car will be useless.)

KathyB. said...

Our weather's the same with a bit of smushy snow thrown into the mix. If we get big winds there will be trees falling down all over our area and taking down power lines with them.

We're enjoying staying in our pajamas , near the woodstove and watching old movies. Cozy days.

I hope you're feeling much better soon.

Elephant's Child said...

Some world-wide weather moderation would be nice. Fires burning out of control in one state (over 100 homes lost on Christmas Day) flooding in another state.
I hope your mystery illness is named and cured. In the meantime stay safe, warm and dry.

Marylin Warner said...

That's the way it was when my grandson and I left Fort Scott, Claudia. The rain was relentless, and the wind kept me clutching the steering wheel. Now we're near Abilene, postponing our drive home to Colorado because of the predicted "pockets" of snow over ice throughout the interstate in western KS and eastern CO. And we've been stuck by black ice enough times to know it's better to just wait.

I'm sorry you've been sick. This time last year almost all of us ended up passing it around, but so far so good...knock on wood.

I'm wishing you a speedy recovery so you'll be up and running to welcome in the New Year, dear Claudia.

Patricia A. Laster said...

Blessings upon you, Claudia, and yours. I also live on a hill (central AR) so no flooding in my future, except in the basement/cellar. I daren't open the door from the hall to look. Water seeps in thru red clay walls, but soon evaporates. Though it continues raining, it seems at this moment to have stopped. I DID get a story finished--ended, I should say--last night. My décor is still in place, my small window/ table tree still lighted. Someday I'll take it down but not today. Hoping for a better week for you. xoxo

Susan said...

Oh Bookie, sooooo sorry to hear you have been sick and are being pummeled with rain. That is NOT a fun way to have Christmas. Here, the weather has been like spring (very weird.) I'm sure it will turn soon. I, too, am sick right now with a terrible head cold. Feel like I have a little Niagra Falls inside my head. Not fun. But the holidays were wonderful and I still have gatherings and activities planned for this week. Today is a "catch up " day and I just pray we both feel better. Susan

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

My wish for your 2016 will be speedy healing and recovery from whatever illness has you down. I'm sorry to hear you've been so ill. In spite of it, you've managed to bring us some lovely posts, and this one is no exception. Stay warm and dry, my friend, and may you have a wonderful New Year.

Linda O'Connell said...

You summed it up: the whole world is on tilt. I feel that way, also. Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed New Year.

Martha said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling better! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!