Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Switch Is Made

Thanksgiving is now like a stepchild trying to find its fit in the family of holidays. Christmas bullies it around with commercialism that isn’t the Christmas holiday’s fault. But this year, the season will be short, and we in the Midwest were reminded of that with snow, ice, rain, and cold over the Thanksgiving weekend. Here we were lucky that Thanksgiving Day was balmy until late in the afternoon when the sprinkles started. In the night rain fell…and fell…but remained rain. Our loved ones were all safe and warm at day’s end.

So the next day it was wet and dark as I put the pumpkins and turkeys away. Why do things never go back smoothly into the boxes they came out of just a few weeks ago? While putting them away, I pulled out Christmas boxes at the same time. Each year I weed, but still there is much to handle, to choose from as I have no room for everything. I no longer put ornaments on the tree although I keep them lovingly boxed. I love the tiny white lights; they light up this season of the shortest days and longest nights.

The table has made the transformation to the red and green holiday. I want it ready for any spur of the moment tea pot events! Everyone is so busy, but sometimes a cold shopping day can turn into a warm pot of tea and conversation…my favorite part of the holidays. Shopping is NOT my thing anymore. It is time with friends and good tea and loving cards from far away friends that make my holiday.

So lighted tree is up, table is set, kettle is at the elbow, and the season starts. I wish you, dear readers, could stop for a sip! 

                                            Father Christmas made by my mother-in-law years ago.


Elephant's Child said...

You are sooooo far ahead of me.
No decorations here. Yet. And I don't even have the Thanksgiving excuse.
And yes, so many blogfriends I would love to be able to have a cuppa with...

Marylin Warner said...

I love your special details in all the decorations, Claudia. You always do such a nice job.
When my dad was alive, we had several model trucks and metal children's play trucks that we would fill with pinecones and holly and ornaments. At the dealership it was my job to get the big tree in the showroom decorated, and some of the employees' daughters about my age would come over early Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. We decorated for hours, and by the time we were tossing on tinsel, customers would participate, too. At lunch, my dad would take the other girls and me to lunch, and for dessert we got to have hot fudge sundaes. I was only a few years older then than my granddaughter is now. Ah, the memories of Christmas past.

Patricia A. Laster said...

I have vowed for years NOT to pull out decorations until December 1. So when I returned earlier today from an extended Thanksgiving with family, I pulled the turkey-motifed napkins and the small, glittery turkey that's most likely a flea from earlier years, I left the fall-themed leaves, baskets of gourds, et al. to delight my sight a little longer. One d-I-l boasts that she's had her tree up for 2 weeks! Anyway, I love your decorations and would enjoy a cuppa with you.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

This is exactly what I love about this time, cozy warm rooms, and time to spend with family and friends to talk and visit.

Susan said...

Oh Bookie, it all looks so inviting. I would LOVE to stop and have a cup of tea with you.

You did a great job decorating.

I'm not into presents much anymore either. As a matter of fact, we have scaled down incredibly in the gift getting (and receiving) this year. Everyone is feeling the pinch.

But it will still be a beautiful holiday season, I am sure. I hope yours will be, too.

I SO appreciate your visits and comments, Claudia. Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

Your decorations are like vignettes, each inviting, begging us to sit a spell and enjoy.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your decorations are like vignettes, each inviting, begging us to sit a spell and enjoy.

Sioux said...

Claudia- I love your idea of Thanksgiving as a step-child and Christmas doing some bullying. So true.

I hope your holiday was delightful.

Martha said...

Love your decorations! And it is always nice to be prepared for an impromptu tea party!