Friday, July 24, 2015

Mere Ramblings

“I think if you are a writer you’re always writing. But the important thing is to sit at your desk and hold on to it….”   Mary Gordon

Author Mary Gordon said this in an interview in the September issue of The Writer. She had been walking her dog in New York City and saw light coming through the clouds. She captured the scene, her feelings, in her book The Liar’s Wife. So writers do write in their head no matter where or what they are doing.

Her observation rang true to me as I often write my stories in my head. I see scenes; I hear voices; I picture clothing and smell food. My trouble for the last few months is not getting to be at my desk to apprehend the vaporous lines to paper! It is so frustrating to risk losing a great line or a perfect word. Sticky notes help but this desk now looks like a sticky note pad exploded in the room! Maybe soon I can empty my head onto paper—oh, and you thought I was empty-headed all along!

I am not a neatnik. Right now the Founding Fathers could write the Bill of Rights on my coffee tables as the dust is so thick. My secret is if no one moves a single trinket, then no one knows how deep the dull “shine” is! But I can’t ignore laundry, groceries, dishes, or rotting vegetables. Those things drive me nuts. (Yes, and I know the drive is not a long one!) By the time I meet other demands and keep the household running somewhat, the day is done and another day gone without writing. Always I say tomorrow.

Today I worked hard in the house and even DH pitched in. He washed the front porch, front windows, blew freshly cut grass of the drive. I fetched a few groceries, mopped the utility, washed the dog’s bedding, watered the withering flowers, paid the bills, made a lunch, have scalloped potatoes cooking for supper, and weeded old mail. You know, tomorrow MIGHT be mine!

The heat is horrid although we haven’t even broken 100 yet this summer. It is the humidity. It sits on your chest like a fat clawing tom cat. Even at 7 in the morning the air is too warm, too close. This morning Biscuit sat through the first cup of tea but wanted in for the second. I made her come back out just so we had a wee bit more time with fresh though sultry air. Then it was inside to work.

I hate to whine about the heat because I hate to see any summer pass. Each day is a gift and I want to relish it. I really must plan to just get up even earlier to steal some time with a might cooler air and before the sweltering sun drives me in to face dust and duty!


Elephant's Child said...

Sometimes life gets overwhelming. And for me it is the perennial 'little things' which do me in. The washing, the cleaning, the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning up after the cooking...
I like your idea of claiming a few hours to yourself in the early morning. Good luck.

BECKY said...

Hi dear Claudia! Can you believe it's me? LOL. I can totally agree with you about story ideas rumbling around in your head. Mine does the same thing. And yes, if I don't get them jotted down quickly, they are lost and forgotten! Unless, they do sneak back in at a later time. AND, I haven't been writing much AT ALL, which I hate to type, read, and say out loud. I keep having in the past few months have been a bit bizarre...even for ME! will all come around. I truly believe it. Vern and I enjoy sitting out on the patio in the mornings, too! I'll think of you now every time! Hugs to you!

Merlesworld said...

Oh I would love a bit of heat at the moment, maybe I'm getting old but this winter is cold to me.
Do you sleep with a notepad and pen beside your bed, it helps with ideas that come to you in the night.

Marylin Warner said...

I read the same Mary Gordon interview, Claudia, so I loved your comments.
I am also not overly neat, but when I have a writing deadline I find that the stacks and disorganization are easy distractions. So when I know of future deadlines, I've learned to spend some time before I dive into the writing to at least make an attempt to get ready.
My mom's caregivers all comment that right now the humidity in Ft. Scott actually makes Mom more willing to go for a "walk" (in her wheelchair, with a caregiver pushing) out to enjoy the flowers. The rest of us find heavy humidity oppressive, but not Mom!
I enjoyed this post very much, and the previous one about Harper Lee, too, even though I've been upset about Atticus Finch in this book. He was always my favorite male character in literature.

Linda O'Connell said...

You may think you aren't writing, but your readers appreciate your posts. You can sure turn a phrase: dust and duty, humidity sits on your chest like a fat clawing tom cat, and so many more. Your topics are always informative and relatable.