Saturday, May 16, 2015

Working Road Trip

                                                A kindergarten face, an avid card player!



We knew when our son went back to the Senate, he would have to work through the end of session this spring. But when our daughter-in-law’s job demanded her appearance in New Jersey for a week-long conference during end of session, there was a crisis.

So we packed up and headed for Jefferson City. It meant putting Miss Biscuit in a kennel which was sad but with two kids, a dog, and a wailing cat already, the house could stand no more creatures! The house also had a flight of stairs that could not be avoided…one in house and one off the deck. Jefferson City sits right near the Missouri River and is a continuous rise and fall of steep hills. Even getting the kindergartener to the bus meant steep steps getting up a hill! Oh, but the trip home was easy!

There were dishes, clothes to pick up (this includes a multitude of tiny, once-white socks tossed here and yon like rose petals in a wedding!), baths, and repacking of backpacks, and well, you know, all the stuff that goes with kids. But this was all in someone else’s house which made it harder to do. DH washed the front drive, swept the porch, and built a sandbox from wood scraps left from son’s last deck extension. Once Little Bits and Little Man were at daycare and school, we had some free time each day…well sort of. The first day we ate a sandwich lunch and then collapsed into chairs.

But we managed to do a few fun things like we hit a nice flea market/antique store in Jefferson City. I loved the sign! We found some Blue Willow bargains where the price came down a wee bit more when DH asked.

Our son took us through the capitol which we had seen before, but this building is always amazing! It is beautiful and so full of history. We sat in a while on both the House and Senate, but unfortunately, both sides were acting like pouting children instead of doing the work we sent them to do. Filibustering was going on…boring…an irritating to this voter. Then after we left, the story about the Speaker of the House having a sex texting session and who knows what else with his college intern broke. Really, when will men learn? I will drop the politics right here, other than to say, I think the entire world could run better than it does!

                                            Missouri State Capitol Building

We went home and watched American Sniper that our son had set up for us. It was a good movie and pleasant two hours before the kiddies hit the doors again! The movie was a bit gruesome and once again pricked my mind with political thoughts, but I tried to ignore them. Some questions seem to have no answers.

We dragged ourselves home yesterday through one of the most horrid rain storms ever. It was so dangerous we could not see just poorly, we could see not at all! Never does DH pull over but he did this time when together we found the shoulder. 

                                       Spinach, sausage, mushroom casserole...wonderful!

This morning we had a group breakfast to go to and I made a casserole the night before fearing I was making mistakes I was so tired. But it was good, the recipe was requested, and while it was hard to drag out to the breakfast, once there we enjoyed both food and company. The rest of the day was enjoyed dog, deck, flowers, and sitting in sun before another rain that is coming. 


Elephant's Child said...

Busy, busy, busy.
Sadly I think that politicians are the same the world over. And sometimes play less nicely than children in a sand pit. With less excuse.
I am glad that you are home safely, and hope you can relax.

Merlesworld said...

You had a busy time of it, sitting in on adult kindy that's what I call the politicians session, they act so like very young children that would be trying.
Always good to go home to the peace and quiet.

Linda O'Connell said...

Wow! You sure had a busy time, but so many memories you created for your grandbabies. Nice to find a cool flea market, too.

I am so sick of all the negative news these days. And you are so right...when will men learn?

Sioux said...

When grandparents spend time with their grandkids, it reinforces why children are given to younger people.

It sounds like you had a great time. And yes... if the world was run by women, it might be running more smoothly.

Patricia A. Laster said...

I'm just thankful it was you and not me. But you're younger than I am. I guess raising my grandson beginning when I was 54 and lasting 25 years might be the reason.
Glad you're home. Your legislature sounds a lot like Arkansas's. Rest up. Something else will appear over the horizon before you know it. xoxo

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

That adorable face was a wonderful sight this morning! What a cutie!

I can't believe how much running around you do. Omigosh, Claudia, you need a vacation, lady! lol What an interesting and full life you lead.

That casserole looks delicious. Will you share the recipe?

Glad you got through the storm and home safe and sound. Now please take a few minutes to rest. :)

Mary Horner said...

Interesting trip! Glad you got to see the grandkids, my kids still remember spending time with my mom when they were little. Grandparents make a difference!

Marylin Warner said...

What a delightful post, Claudia. You could write a story about a poker-faced grandchild...AND your wonderful breakfast casserole!
Any change you'll share the recipe with us?