Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Easy Street

Thanks to Linda over at Write from the Heart, here is a great writing op! 

No fee...send by email...five lines max!

It is a Great American Sentence Contest!

Read guidelines and rules here: http://www.easystreetmag.com/great-american-sentence/

What fun this was to do tonight...Try it, you'll like it!


Elephant's Child said...

What fun. Good luck to all those who have the courage to enter.

Sioux said...

Good luck, Claudia. I guess will try it out, since there's no risk--or at least no monetary risk.

Anonymous said...

I do believe I shall have to put my mind to this. thanks for letting us all know about it

Marylin Warner said...

What a fun contest, Claudia. Thank you so much; just when I needed to get out of the rut of a long, slow-moving project, you present this!