Thursday, January 22, 2015

A New Literary Journal

So many things change and writing and print publications are no exceptions. When I was younger, a magazine meant fiction…sometimes a novel, a short fiction, and occasionally a short-short story. I used to love those. They were fast and as tight as a newly knitted mitten.

Today flash fiction is becoming increasingly popular. I like it, but often find the stories rather weird. I think a piece of flash can be both good and yet traditional. However many pieces of flash fiction published now are experimental type works.

The entry fees of writing contest are going up, and now even print publications are known to charge for reading a writer’s work. I do not like this arrangement. But a good number of pubs and contests do give a year’s subscription for a hefty entry fee. That does seem a bit more fair because if a writer is serious, he should be willing to read and study the markets. I have bought a few back issues that have led me to some good reads too.

I’m not sure where I first heard about Fine Linen: High Thread Count Fiction, but the title alone caught my eye. Since I have been a weaver in the past, the idea of threads and fabric relating to well woven story intrigued me. I subscribed.

My first issue of this flash fiction literary journal arrived this week. It came in a tiny bundle, a literary journal smaller than a picture frame. When I popped it open, I was amazed at how the editors offered their fiction. The wrapper folded out to two pages of flash fiction. Inside were packed sweet little book marks, a wine list and a dessert-like menu carrying more flash fiction. Cute idea and definitely a literary journal I won’t forget or lump in stack of magazines.

I found some stories I really like, and as usual, some off the wall flash fiction I couldn’t truly understand. But…I am eager to see the next one arrive in my mailbox. They got my attention!

What is the weirdest publication you have received at your house?


Elephant's Child said...

That does sound good. Quirky, fun and memorable.
While I am an eclectic (greedy) reader, I think that most of my choices have been much more conventional that that.

Rebecca said...

Wow! I am REALLY out of the loop (and old, I guess)! Apparently too conventional/traditional to keep up with the current(s)... :)

Sioux said...

I haven't received anything as unique as your "Fine Linen" publication. It DOES sound intriguing.

Linda O'Connell said...

That sounds fascinating. I am going to check it out.

Lynn said...

I haven't received anything that strikes me like what you received. But I did want to apologize for not reading sooner about your mother-in-law. I'm so sorry. I hope you and your family are doing okay. Sending love your way.