Saturday, June 21, 2014

A First Day of Summer

It is the first day of summer and it has felt so miserably hot I thought I was in August! This evening I went out on the deck and nearly choked. Officially it was only about 90, but our thermometer in direct sun on a west wall was registering 106. Rats, I do not want one of those kinds of summer and so soon!

I started my day with this face that clearly said what are we doing today? We started with tea on the deck as usual. Biscuit was so quiet and peaceful while I read a little. Later when DH got up, she was geared up to play, but not until the bacon, eggs, and toast on the deck were gone!  DH and Biscuit stayed outside while I worked inside on an article inside. I made some good progress—only a final reading and corrections now.

We had not seen certain  friends for a long time and when the original morning plans were altered somewhat, we rearranged to take a short drive for a late lunch to a new place. Out in the countryside, a crop dusting business has added a lovely café and a jumping school. They were busy today with lots of jumpers. It was too hot to spend a long time waiting in the sun, but a glass wall on the Quonset hut café let us see a lot of take offs and landings.

Despite the burning sun, the day was lovely because the wheat was a golden shade ready for harvest. Corn was about chest high and a lush avocado green from recent rains. Oh, and the sky was so beautiful…it was almost like a New Mexico sky! You could not help but feel glorious for a couple of hours in all that sunlight.

The food was wonderful but we ate before pictures! DH had the special of meatloaf while the rest of us had some really great hamburgers…also some tasty fried green tomatoes. We came home “full as a tick” as my Granny used to say, but already we hope to go back on a cooler day to spend more time with the planes.


Elephant's Child said...

That is way too hot. I am glad that you were able to shelter inside from the worst of it.
Congratulations on the progess with your article.

Linda O'Connell said...

Always fun to be productive and then have a bit of recreation. You find the neatest activities.

Patricia A. Laster said...

Interesting accounting; good pictures to go with it. Being just a state away and only on FB and Bombadils with you, I don't know who DH is. Am I supposed to? Does it matter? Are you writing poetry, too? PL

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Enjoyed your post, almost like arm-chair travel today! Thanks, Vickie

Susan said...

Ooooooo, that sounded like so much fun, Bookie. So glad you enjoyed yourselves.

Not hot here (yet). Thanks be to God Almighty. Susan

Debora said...

Gosh I enjoyed this post! Those pictures were just delightful and you reminded me of how my mom used to say she was 'full as a tick!' It's been years since I heard that saying. Just wondering...could a person cool off by jumping out of one of those airplanes? You might get a nice cross-breeze running through your hair...;)