Saturday, August 3, 2013

Misc. for These Days

July raced by and we did not do much. The pow wow and a couple of movies were about it. I am not complaining. Just digging out local things or looking at old places with new vision is enough for me. Books take me on glorious trips as well, not to mention that writing (when it goes well) is a glorious escape of its own. We took it easy in July as we see travel, house repair, tree cutting, family reunions, fishing and more on the autumn calendar if all goes as planned. It is just the way the cards fell this year...thus far anyway.

DH spent time working on a toy box in between summer living. He had made a toy box for the first grandbaby and now number two wants one. This time he reinforced corners and made some decorative wood pieces just for his own variety. Both chests are made of oak though.

My book club has a summer treat of lunch in midsummer. This summer is was at a tea room a short drive away where there are lovely flowers and gifts to see as well. I thought this garden decoration made of plates and bowls was fantastic. I wonder if we could make them?
We have had rain storms for over a week and flash flood watches are out tonight. More rain is expected in the next week. This is very odd for August in the Midwest for sure! Last year at this time it was drought and 110 degrees.
Between rains on the deck or in my office when it is too wet outside, I have been pouring over books and writing. I have read two books for the autumn book club...Language of Flowers, an unusual book with a background of foster children and Mary Coin, a wonderful read about surviving in the Depression Era as migrant workers. Both are novels but are eye-openers and thought-provokers. I am finishing up The Ragamuffin Gospel about Grace and have ready to crack the covers of Dragging Wyatt Earp, a Personal History of Dodge City. No one can accuse me of being stuck in one genre!
What is in your August?


Sioux said...

A bit of last-minute kicking up of heels, before I go back to work on Tuesday...

That IS clever, with the plates and the bowls. I'm sure DH could you help you create something like it.

Susan said...

Hi Bookie...Love the toy chest. Your hubs did a great job.

Wow, you really are into a great reading smorgasbord.

Done know where July went but it sure sped by. Yowsers.

Busy here but a good busy.

Sending lots of warm wishes your way. Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

That toy chest is awesome! Yes ummer goes too quickly, but this year has been a very differnt kind of "summer" hasn't it?