Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teapots from Wales

Photo by John Hardy

Thanks to friends in Wales, I can participate in Teacup Tuesday! When John’s mother went to assisted living and he had to empty the house, he thought of me when he found tea pots. Now I wonder why? J So I have received a most generous gift of two tea pots. The first is a little clown tea pot, a charming fellow.

The other is a tea for one set that is delightful in color. Note the light pinks with the rich burgundy. I can see some coming winter mornings when this set will be a flower garden for early morning tea. Even when not in use, this set will brighten up a room!

                                        This is gorgeous even when sitting in the box!

John takes wonderful photos and sent a whole CD of pictures taken in Swansea areas. Note the rugged beauty of this land where you can almost hear the waves lap the sand in the photos. There are so many of these places that I would like to stand for a few minutes on my own…but alas, I must do it by proxy in these pictures

                                            Photo by John Hardy, Swansea in Wales


Susan said...

Oh Claudia...What a splendid ROSE-covered tea pot. The clown's adorable, too. Such a lovely gift. You deserved it. Photo are lovely, also. thanks for sharing. Susan

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Love both of these. The clown is adorable, and the rose would, as you said, brighten any room. I used to collect teapots but they take up a lot of space. I've thought about collecting again and just displaying them one or two at a time and switching them out every month or so. That could work, right? :)

Zaa said...

What a lucky girl , Claudia..

Obviously you must have deserved these special gifts...so ENJOY ... While the rose teaset is so very delightful...I'm most interested in the sweet little clown. it looks to be vintage... and would certain be party to a "HAPPY" cup of tea.( ha Ha)... What lovely additions to your collections.....Hugs

Linda O'Connell said...

These are lovely additions to your collection. That rose teapot does it for me.

Lynn said...

I love the funniness of the clown teapot and the beauty of the other one. And yes, that box is gorgeous. How sweet of your friend to give those to you.

Donna Volkenannt said...

Love the photos. The teapots are cool.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Claudia,
Your teapots are really wonderful. I especially like the rose covered one! Beautiful pictures and I love the sheep! Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Autumn!


Terri said...

Hello Claudia,
You are a lucky lady! The two tea pots couldn't be more different! I think they are both wonderful! I wonder who manufactured the clown tea pot? Does it have a backstamp?
And the rose tea for one is soooooo pretty! I am sure you will enjoy that.
The scenic pictures are delightful. I also wish I was standing there looking out over the ocean.

BECKY said...

Oh, what wonderful gifts you rec'd, including an entire CD of beautiful photos! I would love to travel and visit that part of the world, too...but...alas, I am like you. I DO love to travel via some of the TV programs: Rudy Maxa and Rick Steves are two of my favorites. When watching them in HD...WOW, I'm almost right there!
I LOVE the flowered tea pot and box!