Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Win and Acceptance Day

I hate waking up feeling groggy from a poor night’s sleep. Instead of bouncing out of bed this morning, I dragged around starting domestic chores. Trying to beat heat of the day, I started cooking. I baked some Danish that were edible but not great, and I did some mini-pot pies that were in the same category. I assembled Spanish rice in the crock pot for supper and stirred up soy and butter sauce for a green bean casserole I will try in the microwave this evening. All of this made enough food to handle another day’s food down the line when added to a salad or cheese. I am looking forward to that day-maybe some writing ahead! Then I started on a laundry that is seeming to go forever today.

I did win a book off the Debra Vogts website today. It is Wildflowers of Terezin by Robert Elmer. Here is the Product Description taken from Amazon: When nurse Hanne Abrahamsen impulsively shields Steffen Petersen from a nosy Gestapo agent, she’s convinced the Lutheran pastor is involved in the Danish Underground. Nothing could be further from the truth. But truth is hard to come by in the fall of 1943, when Copenhagen is placed under Martial Law and Denmark’s Jews—including Hanne—suddenly face deportation to the Nazi prison camp at Terezin, Czechoslovakia. Days darken and danger mounts. Steffen’s faith deepens as he takes greater risks to protect Hanne. But is either of them willing to pay the ultimate price for their love?

I also got notification from Patchwork Path that they will be using My Bought Lesson in an upcoming anthology. I have not seen any of this publisher’s copies or work, but have run across the name Patchwork Path several times this winter. I am anxious to see what develops. I submitted last August and should have heard by March. May is considerably later, but hey, any small or late confirmation can keep me going!


Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, I am in two Patchwork Path books: wedding and grandmothers. Which one is your story in? I just got a final acceptance on my story for Chicken Soup Devotionals for Mom. I'm thrilled.

Bookie said...

Treasure Box is the Patchwork Path...publication date is November 2010. Do they stick close to pub dates?

Congrats on the Chicken Soup Devotional. So is this like a prayer or meditation... or os it an essay?

BECKY said...

Hey Claudia!!! WOOOO-HOOOO!! You and I are in the same Patchwork Path Book!!!!! I just found out yesterday!!! I'm getting ready to post it on my blog tonight! How fun is that?! This is my first with them, too. Seems like a good publisher!! Congrats!!!! And I'm sorry you weren't feeling so well today. I usually have a really good day and then a bad day, and back and forth...Bummer, huh?! Getting my acceptance sure perked me up, though! :D